07 - 09 March 2017
Swissôtel Bremen, Germany

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Design Choices in Gemini Foundations for Corrosion Protection

This presentation by Gemini's Bernard Van Hemert illustrates the design choices in Gemini foundations made for corrosion protection

Cathodic Protection and Coating Article

This article explores different approaches to corrosion protection with cathodic protection and coatings - what works, what needs improvement, and what's cost effective


Interview with Innogy's Thomas Wewer

In this exclusive interview with Corrosion speaker and Innogy's corrosion expert Thomas Wewer, we discuss whether ICCP will replace GACP, the mail challenges for internal monopile protection, MIC, and more. Download the Q&A to find out why he's a fan of using simple corrosion coupons for monitoring.

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Assessing Corrosion Protection Systems for Offshore Structures

Günter Binder of the German Federal Waterways Engineering and Research Institute (BAW) shares his report, 'Assessing Corrosion Protection Systems for Offshore Structures', in which he evaluates different kind of corrosion stresses on coatings, and how these work with cathodic protection systems. What works best? What works best in combination without cancelling each other out? What are the observed differences between natural results and laboratory tests?